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TENANTS! Is your building being sold? Contact Us!

tenants acquire your homeIf you are living in a building with an aging landlord, and you’re worried about what will happen if they sell their building—or if they don’t and then pass away—the San Francisco Community Land Trust (SFCLT) represents a real solution.

In Land Trust properties, the land underneath the buildings is permanently removed from the market and can never be sold again. The buildings themselves become self-managed co-operatives, in which tenants work together with staff at SFCLT to budget, plan, and maintain a safe and healthy home in perpetuity. Rents are stabilized at well below market rates and no one can ever be evicted by future speculators or even by a future owner who covets your apartment. The San Francisco Community Land Trust provides a proven mechanism to help stabilize communities, halt displacement, and reinforce the dignity and self-reliance of San Francisco’s most threatened residents.

If you are in a building that you think is a good candidate to become a Land Trust-ed property, please contact the San Francisco Community Land Trust at 415-399-0943 or at

The San Francisco Community Land Trust

Originally formed in 2003, San Francisco Community Land Trust is a membership-based, nonprofit organization whose mission is to create permanently affordable, resident-controlled housing for low- to moderate-income people in San Francisco through community ownership of the land. Since 2003, SFCLT has acquired 13 properties and protected more than 200 tenants in 107 units from being displaced. SFCLT households make an average of 64% Area Median Income, and rents reflect household income levels. One property, Marty’s Place, provides secure housing for six residents living with HIV. Two others, in the Tenderloin and on the edge of Chinatown, serve elderly, disabled and low-income residents. At 308 Turk Street, 20 units of housing provide shelter from the stresses of the streets of the Tenderloin. All of our properties are home to people who were at risk of leaving San Francisco, falling into deeper poverty or becoming homeless. ~ 415-399-0943