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LANDLORDS! Protect your tenants! Sell or Bequeath your Properties to SFCLT

landlords leave your properties to SFCLTAre you one of the many San Francisco landlords who provide good homes at reasonable rents to long-term tenants?
If you are reaching that time when you have to plan for what happens to your property (and thus, to your tenants) after you are no longer here, we invite you to consider donating—or selling your building below market rate—to the San Francisco Community Land Trust. Community Land Trusts are an ethical and permanent alternative to the spiraling rents, evictions, and displacement experienced by San Francisco’s long-term tenants, many of whom contribute to the rich culture we call home.

Perhaps you bought your building(s) decades ago for what now seems like impossibly low prices. The tenants who paid you fair rent for decades are also the people working and living in San Francisco, making this city what the whole world recognizes as special. The cultural vibrancy and diversity of San Francisco has always depended on affordable rent. What dancer or musician, teacher or emerging chef, health care intern or nonprofit worker can afford to follow their passion or start a family if their rent is $3000? Reasonable rents are vanishing rapidly, and with them, the racial diversity and cultural dynamism of the city we all love is disappearing too.

You have a unique opportunity to make a lasting gift to the City you love. Leave your building so it can never be sold again, never be subject to speculative frenzies and bitter eviction battles that drive out your long-time tenants. Help stabilize the communities you’ve done so much to help create and preserve.

The San Francisco Community Land Trust is ready to help you transfer your property in a way that benefits you, your tenants, and San Francisco. There are many potential scenarios including guaranteeing your own rent-free tenancy in the building or a first-right-of-refusal to sell to SFCLT in collaboration with your existing tenants. We invite you to contact us to explore the possibilities. There are so many win-win paths ahead, where you are well taken care of, and
your tenants gain permanent protection from the harsh winds of the unforgiving marketplace.

The San Francisco Community Land Trust San Francisco Community
Land Trust is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create permanently affordable, resident-controlled housing for low- to moderate-income people. Since 2003, SFCLT has acquired 13 properties and protected more than 200 tenants in 107 units from being displaced. One property, Marty’s Place, provides secure housing for residents living with HIV. Two others, in the Tenderloin and on the edge of Chinatown, serve elderly, disabled and low-income residents. All of our properties are home to people, artists, health care, food service, and non-profit workers who were at risk of leaving San Francisco, falling into deeper poverty or becoming homeless. ~ 415-399-0943