Public Announcements


Did you miss the 2018 SF Co-op Town Hall? Don't worry just click through!

For the past nine years we have hosted the San Francisco Co-op Town Hall. An education event for co-op shareholders from all over the city. Each year we review the basics of co-op management and governance best practice. This year, we focused on Board Governance and took a deep dive into the Davis Stirling Act and Board Governance Best Practices. This year nearly 70 co-op shareholders from all over the city joined us at Freedom West Homes!


Presentations by our speakers Linda Brockway from the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, Carlos Aznar from the John Stewart Company, and Hugh Jeffers from Centennial Mortgage can be downloaded here!

If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to reach out us here at the San Francisco Community Land Trust by email at or phone 415-399-0943.

Thank you to everyone who attended! It would not have been a success without you.