Public Announcements


Meet the new SFCLT Board of Directors!


At the March 19th Annual Membership Meeting Lessee Members elected Chris Carlsson, Jeanne Marie Hallacy, Keith Hennessey, and re-elected Shalaco Sching. General and Lessee Members cast their votes for the Public Representatives and elected Daniel English, Kendra Lewis, Nicole Lindler, and re-elected Leonor Melara

Here is the full break down for the new SFCLT Board! 

Lessee Member Representatives:
  • Chris Carlsson
  • Jeanne Marie Hallacy
  • Keith Hennessey
  • Shalaco Sching


General Member Representatives: 
  • Justine Marcus
  • Grace Martinez
  • Sari Karet
  • Bruce Wolfe


Public Member Representatives:
  • Daniel English
  • Kendra Lewis
  • Nicole Lindler
  • Leonor Melara


After the SFCLT Meeting the new Board met and elected their Officers! 
  • Bruce Wolfe was elected President
  • Nicole Lindler was elected Vice President
  • Sari Karet was elected Treasurer
  • Shalaco Sching was elected Secretary 


Don't forget Board meetings are open to members. The times and location are posted on our website. Drop into a Board meeting or send your rep an email to let them know why you elected them!