SFCLT is run by its members. The San Francisco Community Land Trust is a democratically controlled non-profit organization. Our volunteer Board of Directors and members guide our work. 

We have 2 Categories of Members:

1. Lessee Members - people, 18 years or older, who own a share in a cooperative or live in housing that is located on land leased from SFCLT.
2. General Members - people, 18 years of age or older, who have submitted membership dues. 

*Dues are $24/year. We offer a sliding scale if $24 is not within your budget or sponsored memberships for low-income community members. You can also choose to pay $48 and sponsor another member.

SFCLT works democratically.  SFCLT has several volunteer committees set up to share the work of the land trust. Currently we have the following committees:

Policy Committee
In the Policy Committee members come together to organize. It’s here that we identify issues facing our community, brainstorm solutions, and pursue tangible outcomes. To contact this committee, please email [email protected]

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works with Staff, Board, and Members to organize events, conduct outreach to potential members, and over see the logisitcs of member engagement. To contact this committee, please email [email protected].

Fundraising Committee
This works takes both people power and financial resources. The Fundraising committee works to create fundraising events and writes grant proposals to seek funding for the organization's work. To contact this committee, please email [email protected].

SFCLT also has standing committees limited to Board Directors, staff and other contractors:

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary who manage the operations of the Board. They also meet separately with the Organizational Director as the Executive Management Team to provide added advice and input relating to general administration.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, Organizational Director and Bookkeeper. The Finance Committee reviews, creates, prepares and presents reports related to the finances and recommends policies and resolutions to the Board of Directors for action in order for to conduct the business of the organization.

Projects Committee
The Projects Committee oversees and works on the core mission with regards to real estate acquisitons and development, identifying financial resources and project management. The membership consists of:
Board Directors: Vivian Schwab and Bruce Wolfe
Staff: Christina Castillo, Project Manager
           Keith Cooley, Asset Manager
Consultants: Leiasa Beckham, Construction Management, Common Ground Development
                         Richard Hurlburt, Real Estate Broker, Impact Housing