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Nominations for the 2017-2019 Board are In: Read Candidate Statements Here!

Board Candidate Statements

General Member Representative Candidates

Who Votes for the General Member Reps: General Members

Who are the General Member Rep Candidates?

Justine Marcus, General Member: A transplant from the rural Midwest, Justine has live in the Bay Area for five years. Upon moving to the Bay Area and learning more about the local housing context, Justine was interested in being involved not only in the fight against displacement, but also creating positive alternatives to the current housing system. She reached out to SFCLT and became involved as a volunteer to provide support on fundraising and grant efforts. Justine has been volunteer with SFCLT the last four years and recently completed a two year term on the SFCLT board. Justine has many years of experience in community-based research and evaluation, focused primarily on public health and housing. She is currently completing a dual degree graduate program in City Planning and Public Health at UC Berkeley.

Sari J. Karet, General Member: French-Cambodian with Hotel and Restaurant experiences in Strasbourg, Paris, Siemreap (Angkor Wat), Tahiti and San Francisco - involved in the Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement from 1975 to 1993 with a focus of the needs of the Bay Area Khmer community. Retired end of September 2016 after 22 years with ASIAN, Inc. a local non profit in affordable housing and economic development mostly in Office Administration. Concerned with the economic inequality and the housing ownership being out of reach to the disadvantaged would like to continue as treasurer to strengthen sfclt capabilities to increase the coop resources.

Bruce Wolfe, General Member: As a low-income person with a disability during the first dot-com boom-and-bust, Bruce Wolfe was invited by founder James Tracy to join SFCLT Board of Directors in 2004 to help bring a voice and advocacy plus expertise. Bruce is a very active, tireless and loyal member and advocate of SFCLT until his term of office came to an end in 2010. He returned to the Board in 2013-2015 to help during a significant transition period. His vision is to build a co-housing experience that would last generations.

Bruce is highly knowledgeable and currently involved in nearly all organizational areas of SFCLT plus currently serving as SFCLT's Projects Committee and Policy Committee's representative to the CA CLT Network. He has been called upon many times by staff and Board for consultation on many issues, primarily, around board governance, human resources and other areas of support.

Bruce seeks your vote for election to the SFCLT Board of Directors in order to bring more effectiveness, productivity and further success to our Board and organization lending all his skills in policy, technology, community organizing and organizational development.

As a former board member, Bruce kept impeccable attendance, served in executive officer positions and on nearly every committee. He was also instrumental in organizing and attended nearly every fundraising events plus all the press conferences of SFCLT acquisitions and press conferences. He has been a curator and unoffocial parliamentarian of SFCLT bylaws helping the Board whether serving on the board or as a just a General Member. He designed and administrated our website, social media, donations/event management and database plus donated its hosting for many years.

Bruce has been in small business and nonprofit work since 1981. He is currently the Chief Information Officer for Alcohol Justice-The Industry Watchdog since 2007. Beyond being a 40+ year martial artist and T'ai Chi teacher/practitioner, he also currently serves as Chair of the SF Sunshine Ordinance Task Force since 2016 after a hiatus from 2005-2012. He also is President of Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC), DogPAC of SF and is a second-year juror for Superfest, the oldest international disability film festival. He is a savvy policy wonk and spent over a decade in education politics. You can find him most days with his service dog, Lady, at his side or in one of our parks or beaches tossing a ball for her.

Despite all the above, he has been a tireless, available and responsible member volunteering many weekly hours to SFCLT and other CLTs at-large within the organization and on policy at SF City Hall and the Capitol in Sacramento. His participation as a board member will not waver.

Lessee Member Representative Candidates

Who Votes for the Lessee Candidate Reps: Lessee Members

Who are the Lessee Member Rep Candidates?

Shalaco Sching, Lessee Member: Shalaco is a member of the Merry-Go-Round house and has been a lessee representative and board president since 2015. In 2017 he is focused on helping build the infrastructure to help better connect our co-ops to each other and the Land Trust in order to better foster and promote our values of community self management, member engagement and democratic decision making.

Deboarh Strom, Lessee Member: Deborah has lived in the Bay Area for 43 years.  She became aware of the SFCLT in 2016 when the building where she has lived for forty years was put up for sale and would likely have been evicted by new owners had the SFCLT not purchased it.  She is interested in making more long term rental residents of San Francisco aware of alternatives to displacement and concerned with affordable housing for Seniors.

Geoffrey Diesel, Lessee Member: Geoff Diesel is a filmmaker, a public-school educator, and the newest member of the Purple House. Since moving to San Francisco 1994, Geoff has become increasingly bewildered at the economics surrounding housing in the City, and has personally struggled to live and stay within its 7 square miles. He video-documented the San Francisco Housing Crisis leading up to the 2015 elections, focussing on housing activists and victims of displacement. He currently teaches Cinema Studies in Social Justice to incarcerated youth through the San Francisco Unified School District. He is dedicated to the advocacy of affordable housing as a human right in San Francisco and around the world.

Public Member Representative Nominees

Who Votes for the Public Reps: Lessee & General Members

Who are the Public Member Rep Candidates?

Michael Spalding, Public Member: Michael is up for re-election after his first two-year term. During that time, he has served as Treasurer and as a member of several committees, including Fundraising, Projects, and Transition, which oversaw the nearly one-year process that resulted in the hiring of the Land Trust's new Organizational Director. If re-elected, Michael wants to develop a more comprehensive fundraising plan, support new efforts to use direct public offerings, and also help minimize organizational risk through the use of limited liability. Michael is originally from Maine, but has lived in San Francisco for 12 years now. He has spent the last 3 years representing low-income tenants in eviction lawsuits. 

Cheyenne Martinez-Boyette, Public Member: With more than 13 years of Real Estate financing experience, Cheyenne has worked at a number of financial institutions perpetuating sustainable homeownership. His background includes underwriting, and originating residential mortgages, focusing on down payment assistance programs, and other lending options for first-time home buyers. He's also managed the Housing Program for a San Francisco based non profit where he advocated for struggling homeowners in the Bay Area, personally saving dozens of homeowners from foreclosure. He currently works as a Commercial Loan Officer for a local community bank, specializing in acquisition and development financing.

Leonor Melara, Public Member:  A native of San Francisco, Leonor grew up cheering for the Giants at Candlestick and believing that the ocean always makes one's toes go numb. While watching San Francisco change from the front row she developed a deep love for this city and the people in it, as well as a passion for social justice. Leonor became acutely aware of San Francisco's never-ending housing crisis as she watched the market determine who has a right to live in the city, and recognizing the necessity of exploring alternative models to the current housing market led her to the San Francisco Land Trust. With a desire to contribute a financial management skill set to social justice organizing and movement building, Leonor pursued a Master of Science in Accountancy and a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from San Francisco State University. She is currently the Finance and Administrative Associate at the Rainforest Action Network where she manages budget and financial strategy for their Forest Program.

Wait, there's more! We will also be voting on whether or not the Membership wants to change the Business Membership Levels! Read the proposal here:

Matter for Membership Vote at Annual Meeting 

Business Membership Level Change: it is the Fundraising committees belief that $80/year for a business is too low for many potential business members. We looked at the memberships levels for other land trusts and organizations, and decided to recommend the following sliding scale at the next general membership meeting: $5,000, $2,500, $1,000, $500, $250, with an option for nonprofits to be recognized for a particular membership level for ½ price. Donations would be 100% tax deductible, as we do not engage in political work. No change to the individual level of $24/year.

Join us at the Annual Membership & Board Elections meeting, Tuesday June 20th, from 6-8pm at the Kanbar Center for the Performing Arts, 44 Page Street. We look forward to seeing you there!