SFCLT is run by its members. The San Francisco Community Land Trust is a democratically controlled non-profit organization. Our volunteer Board of Directors and members guide our work. 

We have 2 Categories of Members:

1. Lessee Members - people, 18 years or older, who own a share in a cooperative or own a condominium or otherwise own housing that is located on land leased from SFCLT.
2. General Members - residents, 18 years of age or older, in a building located on land owned by the SFCLT, but not a Lessee member; or individuals who have submitted membership dues. 

*Dues are $24/year. We offer a sliding scale if $24 is not within your budget or sponsored memberships for low-income community members. You can also choose to pay $48 and sponsor another member.

SFCLT works democratically.  SFCLT has several volunteer committees set up to share the work of the land trust. Currently we have the following committees:

Outreach and Organizing Committes

The Outreach and Organizing Committee works to educate the broader San Francisco community about the SFCLT and the idea of cooperative homeownership and community land trusts.  This committee makes presentations, speaks on panels, builds community collaborations and responds to community/tenant requests to explore the possible conversion of a building. To contact this committee, please email

Project Committee

Once a new project has been identified, the work moves to the Project Committee. This committee supports staff to investigate possible financing for the project, works with the tenants to create a housing cooperative, and draws up the necessary documentation to present a project for financing. To contact this committee, please email

Education Committee

The Education Committee supports staff to develop our pre and post purchase curriculum for residents of buildings that we work with. This curriculum gives the residents the tools and skills to form and manage a housing cooperative. To contact this committee, please email

Fundraising Committee

This works takes both people power and financial resources. The Fundraising committee works to create fundraising events and writes grant proposals to seek funding for the organization's work. To contact this committee, please email

Finance Committee

Yes, we have to crunch the numbers as well. The Finance Committee meets once a month to review the organizations finances, make sure we are within budget and plans for future financial needs of the organization. To contact this committee, please email