308 Turk Vacancy

One Studio affordable rental units available

308 Turk St., San Francisco (Unit #15)

  •          One, Studio units for $2,061 available to households at or under 112% of median income

  •          Renter households must earn no more than the income levels listed below:

Household Size

One Person

Two Person

Three Person

112% of Median Income 2016





Building Selection Criteria:

  • Ability to pay rent standard – Rent cannot exceed 45% of gross monthly income.

  • Credit Standard – No existing delinquencies or accounts in collection in the past 24 months in any amount greater than $1,000 except for medical bills or student loans.

  • Rental History Standard – No previous evictions in the last 2 years.  No fault evictions, such as Ellis Act or Owner Move In evictions will not be held against a household.

  • Criminal History Standard – Qualified applicants with criminal history will be considered for housing in compliance with Article 49 of the San Francisco Police Code, “The Fair Chance Ordinance.”

Applications due by May 1, 201.  

Applications must be submitted either of the following ways:

  1. Apply online through the SF Housing Portal at:



  1. Mail in paper application to the following address:

       308 Turk Street -BMR

       PO Box 420847[BB1] 

       San Francisco, CA 94142

If you choose to mail in a paper application, you must also include a self –addressed stamped envelope with the application in order to receive your lottery ticket.

  1.       Paper applications may be dropped off at an Open House.

Paper applications can be downloaded from https://housing.sfgov.org/ or picked up from one of the housing counseling agencies listed at https://housing.sfgov.org/housing-counselors

If you need application assistance or information about available housing resources, please refer to the organizations listed in the SF Housing Resource Guide by clicking here: http://sfmohcd.org/san-francisco-housing-resource-guide

Contact SFCLT at (415) 399-0943 or housing@sfclt.org for information on the units and view the full unit posting at www.sfmohcd.org

Units are monitored through the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development Small Site Program and are subject to monitoring and other restrictions. Visit www.sfmohcd.orgfor program information.

Open House Dates


  • April 20, 2-3pm (Thursday)
  • April 22, 2-3pm (Saturday)
  • April 26, 2:30-3:30pm (Wednesday)


All applicants are encouraged to apply. Lottery preference will be given to Certificate of Preference and Ellis Act Housing Preference holders* and households that live or work in San Francisco.

Unit #

Bedroom Count

Bath Count

Square Feet



Income Maximum

Minimum Monthly  Household Income Required 

Deposit Required




600 (Est.)



112% of AMI



*Certificate of Preference holders are primarily households displaced in Redevelopment Project Areas during the 1960’s and 1970's, but may also include other persons displaced by Agency action.  Ellis Act Housing Preference holders are long term San Francisco tenants who were evicted because of the Ellis Act.  Contact 415-701-5613 for more information.